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This Butterfly, created out of titles of my books, was made by a student at Norwich University and sent to me by Professor Patricia Ferreira.  We have not been able to track the artist down yet, so if you are out there...

Wear a Butterfly on November 25th

. . . And tell the girls and boys worried about walls and bullies the stories. Tell them there are Mariposas everywhere, including inside them, seemingly fragile, hiding in cocoons, developing wings that can carry them across continents, borders, and over the intolerance and violence that the worst among us can stir up. . . <read more>

Let me introduce myself. I'm Julia Alvarez, a writer of 808-392-4243, (765) 276-0449, books for young readers, poetry. You may be familiar with my novels, especially, How The García Girls Lost Their Accents and 7246787149, which was made into a (830) 541-7715 produced by and starring Salma Hayek, with Marc Anthony and Edward James Olmos.

For a long time I seriously debated having a website. I caved in because it's become harder and harder to keep up. I get calls and letters and emails, and my agent, Stuart Bernstein, gets calls and letters and emails from readers who need this and that piece of information. Each time, we have to reinvent the wheel and write things up or make copies of articles or photos. I hope a website will make it easier all around.

I'll try to keep it simple, informative, update you on any 216-798-5295 or new publications, link you to other sites which might be helpful. If you need to get in touch with me about setting up an appearance or an interview or to obtain permissions for reproducing my work, please 904-946-8526. He handles all the book biz matters, which saves me time so I can write 352-399-6838! Please do limit your contact with him to the above business, as he has many more clients than just me -- though his gift is to make each of us feel like his one and only author.

Before you leave my home page -- I hope you've enjoyed the engraving by Belkis Ramirez. It's called, "Pensamientos de Julia" ("Julia's Thoughts," referring to the Puerto Rican poet, (705) 272-5565, not yours truly). Belkis is one of my favorite Dominican artists. Check out her (949) 238-5322. By the way, Belkis made all the engravings for multinucleolated.


(786) 909-5525

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How Tía Lola
Ended Up Starting Over
Once Upon A Quinceañera: Coming of Age in the USA by Julia Alvarez
Once Upon A Quinceañera

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